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Med Script is developing HealthVault applications with Microsoft to work with our current platforms. What can you do with HealthVault? Microsoft HealthVault helps you gather, store, use, and share health information for you and your family. Organize your family's health information Keep all of your health records in one place that's organized and available to you online. Be ready for school, sports teams, and summer camps by keeping track of your kids' medical records in your family account. You won't have to ask the pediatrician's office to fax records (such as immunization history) each time you need them. Keep track of all the details whether you're managing complex health issues or just want to stay on top of your family's wellness.


∑ Medications
∑ Allergies
∑ Health history
∑ Fitness
∑ Blood pressure
∑ Lab results
∑ Conditions and illnesses
∑ X-rays, scans, and other images
∑ And many more kinds of health and wellness data
Capture it once, use it again and again and never leave your health info stranded in single-purpose websites and apps again. HealthVault-connected apps are websites, computer software, and mobile apps that can help you get more out of your health information. With HealthVault, information you add in one app can be used by your other connected apps too. Be better prepared for doctor visits and unexpected emergencies Be prepared for an emergency by making your most important health info available for emergency responders.

Get more out of doctor visits by bringing important data with you:

∑ Up-to-date medication and allergy lists
∑ Recent home health readings (such as blood pressure, blood glucose, and weight)
∑ Your health history

HealthVault helps you store, organize, and give your doctor this information. Keep your information at your fingertips and access it from any Internet connection, using a PC, smartphone, or tablet device. For a deeper dive into the forces driving telehealthís rapid growth and why adopting this quickly progressing model of care should be one of your organizationís top priorities ask or agent for more information,

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