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As cost and quality pressures continue to rise, market interest in innovative Telehealth Services and Solutions. Net Doctor 365 is growing substantially as itís the only telehealth solution that seamlessly integrates with primary care and behavioral health services. Combining these traditionally separated telehealth services provides greater safety, convenience and cost savings.

For a deeper dive into the forces driving telehealthís rapid growth and why adopting this progressing model of care should be one of your organizationís top priorities. Ask our agent for more information, Or contact us now.


Our mission is to expand access to quality healthcare by delivering trusted Telehealth solutions.


Our vision is to create a healthier world through on-demand healthcare using the latest in technology.


We constantly work to come up with innovative ideas and solutions, in an effort to create a better service. Our goal is to transform medicine through modern technology, and improve access to healthcare while evolving with the ever-changing market.
The Telehealth Market Forces Driving Innovative Delivery Models Net Doctor 365 is proving to be a powerful tool for improving care access, consumer satisfaction and clinical outcomes while reducing costs.

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Net Doctor 365 effectively treat 18 of the top 20 conditions treated in Urgent Care Centers and ERs. Net Doctor 365 is the perfect solution for urgent but non-emergency conditions for adults and children.

We also provide a full and thorough review of the patientís medical history using Net Doctors 365 state of the art secure medical database platform. This information allows us to provide for ďbest practice medicineĒ. Net Doctors 365 comprehensive evaluation of the patientís medical history, from drug utilization to detailed family history, helps to assure that our patients are receiving the best possible care.

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