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With skyrocketing healthcare costs and increasingly stringent government regulations, many medical practices are being left behind. Practices are being forced to close their doors because they simply canít meet the efficiency and cost constraints of practicing medicine in the 21st century.

Medical Software Solutions would like to introduce you to the future of medical practice. By providing computer hardware, software and training, Medical Software Solutions can help your practice adapt and thrive in the world of 21st century medical practice.

integrated practice management & EMR, is designed to automate all aspects of your medical practice. MedScript integrates patient medical records with office management data, streamlining the operation of your medical practice.

Med Script provides:

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Med-Legal Document Repository
Automated Transcriptions

Electronic Claims Submission
Accounts Receivable
Order Entry

Decision Trees
Data Analysis


Our medical billing company team is comprised of experienced billing professionals on multiple practice management systems. So whether your billing environment is located in your office or ours, and regardless of software vendor, we perform as an extension of your office. We see every claim through the billing process and focus on how we can improve your processes to allow you to increase revenue.

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