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What is Molecule Microbiology Testing?

Molecular microbiology identifies microorganisms including viruses, bacteria and parasites through DNA or RNA detection. This technique is very sensitive and rapid compared to traditional microbiology procedures, creating a powerful diagnostic tool for physicians.

Why use Medscript Molecular Microbiology instead of traditional Microbiology culture?

Traditional microbiology diagnostic tests use culture to grow potential microorganisms. Once grown the microorganisms are identified through a variety of techniques including microscopy and staining. The main problem with culture identification is that it can take several days and many microorganisms cannot be cultured at all. With molecular microbiology the nucleic acids contained within the microorganisms are amplified and detected directly from the patient specimen, eliminating the need for culture. This technology is rapid and results can be obtained for a variety of pathogens within hours instead of days.

Porite Labs has the most innovative and advanced Molecular Microbiology Testing available. We will provide a comprehensive report based on an individual Molecular Microbiology Test.

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