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Porite Labs is a leader in Personalized Medication Management. Porite focuses on Pharmacogenetic testing and Clinical decision support software that evaluates potential drug-drug and gene-drug interactions. Backed by a powerful combination of innovative software, state-of art laboratory partners, and expert staff. Porite Labs has a longstanding commitment to the prevention of dangerous and life-threatening adverse drug events (ADEs).

Toxicology testing provides information about the medication and other substances in the patientís system from either urine or oral fluid samples. This information helps guide a clinicianís treatment of a patient. In addition, this testing ensures the safe use of prescriptions and is designed to help doctors provide the highest level of care.


Porite Labs offers the most accurate and rapid quantitative testing for urine and oral fluid drug and metabolite levels.

Porite Labs has the most innovative and advanced Toxicology testing available. We will provide a comprehensive report based on an individual patientísToxicology.

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